My New Full-Time Job

Yesterday was the last day of my 30-year professional career as a research engineer in Belgium, then as a software engineer and applications engineering manager in the US.

This makes today the first day of my “passion” job, full-time developer of flight simulation cockpits. Although this has been a hobby of mine for quite a while already, as you can see from past projects, I look forward to having even more time for new and challenging projects.

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Airline Captain

Welcome Aboard

A very warm “welcome aboard” from your Captain. I hope you will enjoy our journey together as we prepare for our initial takeoff. Our first destination should be a relatively short hop, mostly documenting my existing cockpit setup, from its original paper design to its current state. The weather has cleared up and it should be a pretty smooth ride. So, come along and enjoy the ride.

After that initial segment, we will be catching our connecting flight to a much farther and even more exciting destination. My next big thing is a project that has been with me for the best of the last 20 years. It started more as a dream, but then crystalized in my head little by little. The time is now! This will be my most ambitious project so far, building a full-size Airbus A320 cockpit.

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Humble Beginning

Flight Path Simulation now has a dedicated website (and it looks like you found it). Currently the focus is on putting in place the overall design, adding registration for members to be able to leave comments, and making sure this site is safe and secure.

Starting in early January, the goal is to add more regular content via blog and news posts. We will also populate the Projects page, so make sure to visit it regularly to keep track of our progress. We will document both past projects and our major new project, a full-size Airbus A320 cockpit!

We certainly appreciate your patience as we build this website. I hope you enjoy the content we have to offer so far. Expect many more blog entries and pictures soon.