Flight Path Simulation (FPS) was founded in November 2020 by Captain Tango, an avid flight simulation enthusiast with more than 25 years of experience in the hobby.

It is not totally clear how FPS will evolve over time. For now we envision it as a club for a small community of passionate simmers – people who love aviation, are naturally curious, and are always looking for the next experience in flight simulation.

This website is our clubhouse. Some people build their clubhouse around a tree and it becomes a treehouse. For us, we wanted to build a clubhouse around a cockpit, even if – for now – it can only be accessed virtually. This is your window into that cockpit in its past, present, and future state.

More broadly, this website was started as a way to capture our journey through the world of flight simulation, document some of our ongoing projects – big and small – and hopefully give back to the community by sharing some of our adventures and lessons learned.

Welcome aboard!


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Meet the dedicated individuals behind Flight Path Simulation: