This project could not exist without the wonderful support and help from many contributors.

They are our ground crew.

They make the magic happen behind the scene.



Captain Tango

Founder and Chief Pilot

Flight Path Simulation is the brain child of Captain Tango. He enjoys designing, developing, and maintaining his various flight simulators as much as flying them! As documented on this website, his most recent project is focused on building a full-size Airbus A320 cockpit.



First Officer Crafty

Creative Director and Editor

She is the real artist. Captain Tango’s copilot is behind all the logos and graphics you see on this website. First Officer Crafty is the owner of Twisted Crafty and has been applying her talent to a variety of creative projects over the years, mostly using recycled bicycle parts.




Supporter in Chief

HondaJet brings his extensive experience as past CEO of Mirage Executive Charters to this project. He provides regular feedback about the overall design of the website. He has been a passionate simmer for several years and was a real-world navigator in the Air Force.