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Live Streams

Click on the images below to watch the LIVE streams recorded during WorldFlight 2022. If you enjoy following this event, please consider making a donation to the organizations we elected to support. More information about each charity is available at the bottom of this page.

Captain Romeo

Captain Pero

Captain Tango

Where is Team JeeHell Right Now ?

Use the VATSIM map (or simply click on the image on the right) to track the current location of our Airbus A320. We will fly under the callsign JHL44 (JeeHell Four Four).

Just enter “JHL44” in the ‘Search’ box in the bottom right corner of the webpage. Then click on the JHL44 flight in the ‘Search Results’ pop-up. This will show you our location and additional information about the current flight. Note that on some legs you might notice other aircrafts from the JeeHell fleet flying the same route as the official JHL44 aircraft.

Flight Schedule

Here is a complete list of our scheduled flights around the world.

Please note that the departure time is our best estimate and is provided in UTC time. You will have to convert it to your local time.

Click on the image to view a higher resolution image of the route.

Leg Captain Time (UTC) Departure City Arrival City
1 Pero 11/5/22 21:00z Sydney, Australia Brisbane, Australia
2 Tango 11/5/22 23:40z Brisbane, Australia Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
3 Tango 11/6/22 03:50z Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Jaypura, Indonesia
4 Pero 11/6/22 06:20z Jaypura, Indonesia Makassar, Indonesia
5 Pero 11/6/22 10:20z Makassar, Indonesia Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
6 Romeo 11/6/22 13:20z Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
7 Pero 11/6/22 16:05z Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Chiang Mai, Thailand
8 Romeo 11/6/22 18:50z Chiang Mai, Thailand Kathmandu, Nepal
9 Tango 11/6/22 22:10z Kathmandu, Nepal Mumbai, India
10 Tango 11/7/22 01:35z Mumbai, India Muscat, Oman
11 Pero 11/7/22 04:50z Muscat, Oman Khartoum, Sudan
12 Romeo 11/7/22 09:25z Khartoum, Sudan Nairobi, Kenya
13 Romeo 11/7/22 13:00z Nairobi, Kenya Antananarivo, Madagascar
14 Pero 11/7/22 16:50z Antananarivo, Madagascar Kimberley, South African Rep.
15 Tango 11/7/22 22:20z Kimberley, South African Rep. Luanda, Angola
16 Tango 11/8/22 02:35z Luanda, Angola Accra, Ghana
17 Pero 11/8/22 06:30z Accra, Ghana Sal, Cape Verde
18 Romeo 11/8/22 11:00z Sal, Cape Verde Tenerife, Canary Islands
19 Romeo 11/8/22 14:05z Tenerife, Canary Islands Malaga, Spain
20 Mike.Delta 11/8/22 17:15z Malaga, Spain Rome, Italy
21 Romeo 11/8/22 20:30z Rome, Italy Thessaloniki, Greece
22 Tango 11/8/22 23:00z Thessaloniki, Greece Krakow, Poland
23 Tango 11/9/22 01:45z Krakow, Poland Tallinn, Estonia
24 Tango 11/9/22 04:25z Tallinn, Estonia Tromso, Norway
25 Pero 11/9/22 07:10z Tromso, Norway Aalborg, Denmark
26 Romeo 11/9/22 10:30z Aalborg, Denmark Brussels, Belgium
27 Romeo 11/9/22 13:10z Brussels, Belgium Glasgow, United Kingdom
28 Romeo 11/9/22 15:45z Glasgow, United Kingdom Keflavik, Iceland
29 Pero 11/9/22 19:00z Keflavik, Iceland Narsarsuaq, Greenland
30 Tango 11/9/22 22:00z Narsarsuaq, Greenland Gander, Canada
31 Tango 11/10/22 01:25z Gander, Canada Bermuda Island, Bermuda
32 Pero 11/10/22 05:15z Bermuda Island, Bermuda Nassau, Bahamas
33 Romeo 11/10/22 08:20z Nassau, Bahamas Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
34 Romeo 11/10/22 10:40z Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Bucaramanga, Columbia
35 Tango 11/10/22 13:50z Bucaramanga, Columbia Quito, Ecuador
36 Romeo 11/10/22 16:20z Quito, Ecuador La Paz, Bolivia
37 Pero 11/10/22 20:05z La Paz, Bolivia Santiago, Chile
38 Tango 11/10/22 23:30z Santiago, Chile Isla De Pascua, Chile
39 Romeo 11/11/22 05:40z Isla De Pascua, Chile Tahiti, Society Islands
40 Romeo 11/11/22 12:50z Tahiti, Society Islands Rarotonga, Cook Islands
41 Romeo 11/11/22 15:40z Rarotonga, Cook Islands Nadi, Fiji Islands
42 Pero 11/11/22 20:10z Nadi, Fiji Islands Auckland, New Zealand
43 Tango 11/12/22 00:10z Auckland, New Zealand Christchurch, New Zealand
44 Tango 11/12/22 02:30z Christchurch, New Zealand Melbourne, Australia
45 Romeo 11/12/22 07:25z Melbourne, Australia Sydney, Australia


Find detailed information about the flights completed so far in our logbook. Scroll down to see a world map of our flights.

Join us on VATSIM

If you are a fellow flight sim enthusiast and would like to see the WorldFlight 2022 event close and personal, feel free to join us on VATSIM for any of the legs published in our flight schedule above.

In order to have the best experience and see the custom JeeHell Air livery in all its glory, you can download it here. You will also need this vmr file for your VATSIM client to properly display our aircraft.

Thanks again to Stefan Bree for creating this fantastic livery for our team.

Supported Charities

If you enjoy following our WorldFlight adventures, please consider contributing to one of the charities we are supporting.

Thanks in advance!

Vereinigte Deutsche Missionshilfe (VDM)

The United German Mission Aid is the partner for missions. That means they support people and organizations to fulfill the Christian mission on all five continents.

Their partners are missionaries, churches, national and international organizations and supporters of the missionaries. They offer various services for them:

  • Administration and communication management
  • Specialized advice
  • Personal care

The aim of their offers is to relieve partners so that they can contribute their time and energy to their part of the mission.

Visit Website

Wings of Help

Based at Frankfurt Airport Wings of Help spreads its wings worldwide to help people in need. Areas of responsibility include the immediate care of children and families in need after natural and humanitarian disasters, as well as the transport of medical emergency patients from all over the world for medical treatment in Germany.

In addition to numerous aid projects worldwide, Wings of Help builds comuter schools for Children and adolescents. Their credo: Education is the sustainable basis for young generations who receive new perspectives and opportunities via electronic media and thus have access to the rest of the world.

Founded in 2003, Wings of Help works hand in hand with airlines, logistics companies and a large number of renowned German and globally engaged companies.

Visit Website

Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help cancer patients access the best treatment centers by arranging free travel on corporate aircrafts. Business jet travel makes it possible for patients, especially those in locations with minimal airline access, to travel to specialized medical centers. Whether a patient is traveling for surgery, clinical trial, or a second opinion, CAN aims to reduce a patient’s physical, emotional and financial stress by providing a seat on a corporate flight.

Participation is open to all cancer patients, as well as bone marrow and stem cell donors and recipients, who are ambulatory and do not require medical assistance while traveling. Eligibility is not based on financial need, and patients may travel as often as necessary.

Visit Website