Around the World in 7 Days

After successfully completing last year’s edition, Captain Tango and the other pilots of Team JeeHell A320 have happily decided to participate in WorldFlight 2023. This will be our second year joining this week-long event of online flying around the world with ATC coverage while raising money for charity. Once again we will use our four Airbus A320 home cockpits, located in Germany and in Texas, to take turns flying the 48 leg journey around the world.

Captain Tango will be supporting the Corporate Angel Network (CAN) charity whose mission is to help cancer patients access the best treatment centers by arranging free travel on corporate aircrafts. Whether a patient is traveling for surgery, clinical trial, or a second opinion, CAN aims to reduce a patient’s physical, emotional and financial stress by providing a seat on a corporate flight. Together the 2022 WorldFlight teams raised more than $83,000.

All our flights will be streamed live on YouTube. Each edition of WorldFlight brings a new route of flight. This year is no different and has some very interesting destinations, including Antarctica, which I am personally quite excited about, as it will be totally new for me.

WorldFlight 2023 will take place from Saturday November 4, 2023 to Saturday November 11, 2023. You can find Captain Tango’s flight schedule here, with all times conveniently displayed in US central time. The full team’s schedule is available here (in UTC time). So if you enjoy following our WorldFlight adventures please consider donating to CAN. I hope to see you in the skies during that incredible week of flying around the world.

All About WorldFlight 2023

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