WorldFlight 2023 – Schedule

Flight Schedule

Here is a complete list of our scheduled flights around the world.

Please note that the departure time is our best estimate and is provided in UTC time. You will have to convert it to your local time.

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Leg Captain Time (UTC) Departure City Arrival City
1 Pero 11/4/23 21:00z Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Australia
2 Tango 11/4/23 23:50z Melbourne, Australia Wilkins, Antarctica
3 Mike Delta 11/5/23 05:40z Wilkins, Antarctica Union Glacier, Antarctica
4 Romeo 11/5/23 11:30z Union Glacier, Antarctica Ushuaia, Argentina
5 Pero 11/5/23 16:25z Ushuaia, Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
6 Romeo 11/5/23 18:55z Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina Montevideo, Uruguay
7 Tango 11/5/23 22:05z Montevideo, Uruguay Brasilia, Brazil
8 Tango 11/6/23 01:55z Brasilia, Brazil Manaus, Brazil
9 Pero 11/6/23 05:40z Manaus, Brazil Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
10 Mike Delta 11/6/23 09:25z Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles Cancun, Mexico
11 Romeo 11/6/23 13:35z Cancun, Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico
12 Mike Delta 11/6/23 17:20z Guadalajara, Mexico Houston, United States
13 Romeo 11/6/23 20:25z Houston, United States Atlanta, United States
14 Tango 11/6/23 23:05z Atlanta, United States Boston, United States
15 Tango 11/7/23 02:10z Boston, United States Winnipeg, Canada
16 Mike Delta 11/7/23 06:30z Winnipeg, Canada Ponta Delgada, Azores
17 Romeo 11/7/23 14:00z Ponta Delgada, Azores Casablanca, Morocco
18 Romeo 11/7/23 17:25z Casablanca, Morocco Algiers, Algeria
19 Pero 11/7/23 20:00z Algiers, Algeria Faro, Portugal
20 Tango 11/7/23 22:45z Faro, Portugal Milan, Italy
21 Tango 11/8/23 02:25z Milan, Italy Lille, France
22 Mike Delta 11/8/23 04:50z Lille, France Cardiff, United Kingdom
23 Pero 11/8/23 06:55z Cardiff, United Kingdom Luxembourg, Luxembourg
24 Romeo 11/8/23 09:10z Luxembourg, Luxembourg Gothenburg, Sweden
25 Romeo 11/8/23 11:45z Gothenburg, Sweden Riga, Latvia
26 Romeo 11/8/23 14:00z Riga, Latvia Kyiv, Ukraine
27 Mike Delta 11/8/23 17:05z Kyiv, Ukraine Istanbul, Turkey
28 Mike Delta 11/8/23 19:55z Istanbul, Turkey Tel Aviv, Israel
29 Tango 11/8/23 23:00z Tel Aviv, Israel Hurghada, Egypt
30 Tango 11/9/23 01:15z Hurghada, Egypt Baghdad, Iraq
31 Tango 11/9/23 04:05z Baghdad, Iraq Bahrain, Bahrain
32 Mike Delta 11/9/23 06:45z Bahrain, Bahrain Muscat, Oman
33 Mike Delta 11/9/23 09:15z Muscat, Oman Hyderabad, India
34 CANCELLED 11/9/23 13:35z Hyderabad, India Patna, India
35 Romeo 11/9/23 16:20z Patna, India Dhaka, Bangladesh
36 Romeo 11/9/23 18:30z Dhaka, Bangladesh Lhasa, China
37 Tango 11/9/23 20:45z Lhasa, China Lanzhou, China
38 Tango 11/9/23 23:50z Lanzhou, China Chengdu, China
39 Tango 11/10/23 02:05z Chengdu, China Taipei, Taiwan
40 Mike Delta 11/10/23 05:25z Taipei, Taiwan Hong Kong, Hong Kong
41 CANCELLED 11/10/23 08:05z Hong Kong, Hong Kong Bangkok, Thailand
42 Mike Delta 11/10/23 11:45z Bangkok, Thailand Deli Serdang, Indonesia
43 Mike Delta 11/10/23 14:35z Deli Serdang, Indonesia Batam, Indonesia
44 Mike Delta 11/10/23 16:50z Batam, Indonesia Kulon Progo, Indonesia
45 Tango 11/10/23 19:55z Kulon Progo, Indonesia Darwin, Australia
46 Tango 11/11/23 00:25z Darwin, Australia Cairns, Australia
47 Pero 11/11/23 03:55z Cairns, Australia Brisbane, Australia
48 Mike Delta 11/11/23 07:15z Brisbane, Australia Sydney, Australia

Supported Charities

If you enjoy following our WorldFlight adventures, please consider contributing to one of the charities we are supporting.

Thanks in advance!

Wings of Help

Based at Frankfurt Airport Wings of Help spreads its wings worldwide to help people in need. Areas of responsibility include the immediate care of children and families in need after natural and humanitarian disasters, as well as the transport of medical emergency patients from all over the world for medical treatment in Germany.

In addition to numerous aid projects worldwide, Wings of Help builds commuter schools for Children and adolescents. Their credo: Education is the sustainable basis for young generations who receive new perspectives and opportunities via electronic media and thus have access to the rest of the world.

Founded in 2003, Wings of Help works hand in hand with airlines, logistics companies and a large number of renowned German and globally engaged companies.

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Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help cancer patients access the best treatment centers by arranging free travel on corporate aircrafts. Business jet travel makes it possible for patients, especially those in locations with minimal airline access, to travel to specialized medical centers. Whether a patient is traveling for surgery, clinical trial, or a second opinion, CAN aims to reduce a patient’s physical, emotional and financial stress by providing a seat on a corporate flight.

Participation is open to all cancer patients, as well as bone marrow and stem cell donors and recipients, who are ambulatory and do not require medical assistance while traveling. Eligibility is not based on financial need, and patients may travel as often as necessary.

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