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A very warm “welcome aboard” from your Captain. I hope you will enjoy our journey together as we prepare for our initial takeoff. Our first destination should be a relatively short hop, mostly documenting my existing cockpit setup, from its original paper design to its current state. The weather has cleared up and it should be a pretty smooth ride. So, come along and enjoy the ride.

After that initial segment, we will be catching our connecting flight to a much farther and even more exciting destination. My next big thing is a project that has been with me for the best of the last 20 years. It started more as a dream, but then crystalized in my head little by little. The time is now! This will be my most ambitious project so far, building a full-size Airbus A320 cockpit.

You will be able to learn more about these past and future projects through blogs, news, and project pages on this website.


These informal, diary-style, text entries will cover all kinds of topics, primarily related to flight simulation. I envision tapping into my experience with the hobby in general, and with  building simulator cockpits (“sim-pits”) in particular.

I intend to cover a wide variety of topics, from my current hardware and software setup to tidbits of lessons learned over the years. I might dive into specific areas of cockpit building, such as custom hardware panel development and programming software interfaces to control those.

I expect for each entry to have some long-term value for our readers even if, with time, things will inevitably evolve (and hopefully get better and easier, right?).


I intentionally wanted to have a dedicated news section to identify posts with a shorter life span. These will typically be more frequent, but they might be relevant for a shorter period of time. Think about these as expiring much more quickly.

Examples would include topics such as launching a new section of the website, attending a flight sim conference, acquiring some new hardware or software, starting a new project, and so on. 


As described above, topics covered in blog and news posts will be diverse and somewhat dynamic. On the other hand, the content of project pages will be much more static, and intended to stand (somewhat) the test of time. The focus for each of these project pages will be a major cockpit development, past or ongoing. As there will be quite a bit of material to cover on each topic, I might still build these over time and continue to add to them here and there. 

Accordingly, I plan to have dedicated pages for each major projects so far. I will do my best to structure them in a logical way and complement them with quite a few pictures. In general they are meant to be read from the beginning and will not be in the traditional inverse chronological order of the blog and news posts.

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