My New Full-Time Job

Yesterday was the last day of my 30-year professional career as a research engineer in Belgium, then as a software engineer and applications engineering manager in the US.

This makes today the first day of my “passion” job, full-time developer of flight simulation cockpits. Although this has been a hobby of mine for quite a while already, as you can see from past projects, I look forward to having even more time for new and challenging projects.

Once I have completed moving my existing cockpit to the new room, I will start tackling the construction of a full-size Airbus A320 cockpit. This will be documented at length in the dedicated project page coming soon, with a sneak preview later this week.

The A320 cockpit project will most likely take the majority of my time, but I will continue to make minor updates to my existing generic airliner cockpit, and of course fly the virtual skies as often as possible. All this should keep me busy for a while!

I can’t wait to enjoy my new office in the sky…

Airbus A320 Cockpit
Airbus A320 Cockpit

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